Animal Crossing New Leaf Getting new Update

It was recently uncovered on Twitter that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be getting a free update in the fall.  Not much is known about the update, other than it will add new content but it will also add amiibo support.  Time to dust off those Animal Crossing amiibos and cards as they will now be compatible with the game.  What they will do is still unknown, but it is still good for fans of the series as this update will bring some new functionality.  However, you will need the New 3DS XL to use amiibo, or you can always purchase the adapter that will work with the original 3DS and 2DS.

While we do not know if the update will allow us to use just the amiibos or just the cards, or if it will allow both.  There are a wide range of amiibo that released for Amiibo Festival, and will likely see some reissues closer to the release of this update.

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