Update: Are Switch Games Really This High Priced in Canada?

I’m not one to really complain and as someone who reviews games, I tend to get a lot of games to play and review. Now for games I don’t review and want to play, I have to pay for them out-of-pocket. Obviously, as a Canadian here at NintendoFuse I have to deal with all types of issues. The larger one being higher priced games and consoles. For reference, I paid 451 dollars after taxes for my Switch and 103 dollars after taxes for the Switch Pro controller. That’s a lot to pay, especially when we don’t even have pennies anymore to pinch.

So comes post-E3 and most games that Nintendo showed are titles that I want. The one downside is that prices are higher and I fully accept that. This is the current pricing breakdown of my top 3 upcoming Switch games according to Bestbuy.ca and Amazon.ca.

  • Super Mario Odyessy: $99.99 on both Amazon and Best Buy
  • Splatoon 2: $79.99
  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle : $99.99 Amazon and $79.99 Best Buy

I’ve discussed this with my local gaming group and we all believe that it might just be pricing errors or placeholder prices. But if the $99.99 pricing is true for some of these games, then it’s probably time for us to have this discussion with console manufacturers and ask this question. Why is it that games are getting more and more expensive and we are getting less and less in them?

For now, I’m calling this a rumour. Especially since we don’t have the MSRP for most of the games right now. What do you think: Real or placeholder? Bare in mind, everything is subject to change. We’ll update the article if things change!

Update: Nintendo of Canada confirmed prices are placeholders.