The Final Splatfest is Upon Us!

Splatoon came out over 1 year and 1 month ago and it had a slew of free content and additional items to keep people coming back. The inclusion of Splatfest to the game brought people together to face off on what or who they prefer. Whether its being a early bird or a night owl, you like roller coasters or water slides, and even Spongebob vs Patrick, the game has provided a lot of content to play. The final Splatfest, while not squid vs kid, is something we all hold dear; Squidsister vs Squidsister, Callie vs Marie, the final decision.

The Splatoon Tumblr has given us the details on what to expect. All players using Nintendo Network IDs will receive an email from Nintendo to vote on the final stages, which ends on July 12th. Its been fun, here’s hoping for Splatoon 2!


Have you decided yet on what side you are going to pick? Tell us below in the comments.