FIRST-IMPRESSIONS – Steamworld Heist HD (PAX East 2016)

Image & Form have done a fantastic job with their Steamworld games. Steamworld Dig was a fresh concept on the platform, puzzle-adventure genre, and Steamworld Heist had a few cool tricks up its sleeve for the real-time strategy folks. Up until this point, though, Heist was only available on the Nintendo 3DS. Soon, though, it will be out on Wii U in high definition!

This year at PAX East, I got my hands on the HD version and was instantly blown away by the visuals. The game already looked great on 3DS, but it looks even better running in HD! The contrast and colors pop to make a beautiful steam-punk inspired world.


For those who listen to the podcast often, you know that RTS games are not usually my thing. I prefer the faster action. So, it should not shock you that I hadn’t really spent much time with the 3DS version of Heist. So, when I sat down with the HD version, I was still looking at it with mostly fresh eyes. However, I got into this game. Honestly, if I didn’t have to move on to my next appointment, I would have kept playing! It’s incredibly easy to understand, which helps people like me jump in, but from what I hear from RTS fans, they also love Heist.

So, with a game that already exist, you may wonder why re-release it in HD. Honestly, I think it’s just about getting it into more hands, but also making it look even better. Also, it is important to note that many (all?) of the extra features that will exist in the HD edition will also be available via a free DLC update to the 3DS game.

Even if you’re not a big fan of RTS games, I encourage you to give Steamworld Heist a try either on Nintendo 3DS or when the HD version comes out on Wii U later this year.