Go Go Go! Look at Pokemon Go's Stats

Pokemon Go continues to make headlines.  A study was recently given to four million US shoppers.  Slice Intelligence found that Pokemon Go accounted for forty-seven percent of the entire mobile gaming market on July 10.  A few other notable pieces of information include:

  • Of those participants that have already made an in-app purchase in Pokemon Go, 53% of those purchased at least one mobile game within the past six months.  16% had purchased over nine mobile games.
  • The most popular in-app purchase within the game is the one hundred coin bundle, which accounts for 37% of the in-app purchases.  This is the five dollar bundle for those interested.
  • Finally, 52% of the people who made in-app purchases are between the ages of eighteen to thirty-four, with three-quarters of the players being men.

·    Speaking of profits, Pokemon Go is seen to be the cause of Nintendo shares rising by seventy percent of the last week, as the game just launched in the UK.  This sudden increase puts Nintendo in the top twenty firms in Japan.  In the UK, the region saw ten million downloads on the first day in the Apple App store and Google Play stores.  

[Source: https://www.xtb.com, and Slice Inteligence]