Have a Knack For Social Media? We’re Hiring!

We are looking for a new Social Media Manager to handle the role of social media liaison for our website! Our current Social Media Manager, Mike (myself), is planning a leave for various personal reasons and to pursue other opportunities.

Enough with the formalities! Yes, I’m leaving NintendoFuse and it is for various reasons. As a lot of you may know I’m the face behind all the hashtags, lame jokes, and hilariously bad memes. On occasion I handle the live tweets of various events including Directs. Officially, I am finished February 2020, pending how long it takes for us to find a suitable replacement.

I will assist in the interviews for this position as it’s very much a hands-on job. We want someone with a good sense of morals, a high class social repose, and so on. There is an obvious elephant in the room, and that is that this job is 100% volunteer. So don’t commit unless you have the time that you can spare. However, you do get the added benefit of being able to review games! Who doesn’t like a game in exchange for your honest and well written opinion on said game?


  • Weekly Nintendo Downloads. Written on website, every Thursday
  • Post articles to Facebook and Twitter
  • Parley with the community through post, streams, etc.
  • Promote our content (Industry Talk, Game Chats, Video Reviews)
  • Run social media based contests
  • Write articles and editorials when available
  • Review games (video or text) when available
  • Live-tweet various Nintendo events (if you have the time)


  • Previous Social Media Management experience
  • Knowledge of social trends and metrics
  • Knowledge of Nintendo hardware, games and history
  • Writing experience

If you meet all these or some of these qualifications. Send myself or Steve a cover letter, an example of some of your written work, and your resume. Our emails are below.

Mike: mike@nintendofuse.com
Steve: steve@nintendofuse.com