Hide & Dance! Releases on Switch

A spin-off of 2017’s Mom Hid My Game! has released on Switch.

Hide & Dance! is music/rhythm puzzle game developed by Kemco. It place in the same universe of the developer’s other game, Mom Hid My Game!, which released on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in late 2017.

Here is a description for the game from the eshop: “Dance to the rhythm of the music hiding from your incoming parent! Press the buttons to the rhythm of the music! Dance and make combos! Be careful not to be spotted by your mom entering the room!”.

Hide & Dance! seems to carry on that WarioWare-feel that many reviewers praised its predecessor for. In other news, Mom Hid My Game! 2 was announced by Kemco during TGS 2020 for a 2021 release.

Hide & Dance! is available on the Switch eshop in all territories.