Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holiday times are upon us, which means many of you will be shopping very soon. Maybe you have a number of people to whom you are planning to give gifts, or perhaps you are just purchasing for yourself this year.

Either way, there is a good chance you will be looking for some great gaming gift ideas. If you’re looking to buy for a man in your life who’s potentially in his seventies or above, you may want to consider giftunicorn for some inspirational ideas as it’s quite likely video games just won’t cut it and you’ll want to get him something age-appropriate.

What are you asking for this year? Personally, I am asking my family and friends to get me some new artwork for my gaming room! I have just redecorated it with some fantastic new furniture so I would like a few pieces of art to hang on the walls to finish it off. I love anything that looks vintage, so I have been sending everyone some of the best vintage art posters Australia has to offer as hints. Who knows, my family and friends might even surprise me and find a vintage poster that I have never seen before!

Anyway, this year, the team at NintendoFuse has put together a list of must-have gifts for the gamer in your life, even if that is you! We’ve separated the list into three basic categories: games, accessories, and others.

According to Coolest Gadgets , cloud gaming is now a popular way to play video games. They suggest that for a small monthly payment you’ll get access to a virtual machine that will run pretty much every modern game so it really depends how much gaming your gift receiver is wanting to do. If they’re game crazy, cloud gaming seems like a new cool way to play.

Before we jump into those, though, check out these bundles Nintendo is offering for those who do not yet have a Switch or 3DS:




What are you hoping to buy this year? Did it make our list? Let us know in the comments below.

No matter what you end up buying this year, for yourself or for others, we here at NintendoFuse hope you have a great holiday season. And if you are out for Black Friday, please remember to be courteous and kind when looking for the best deals. You may even want to bring your Switch or 2DS/3DS along to play with others in line!