Meet Some of The River City: Tokyo Rumble Crew!

Coming to 3DS, River City: Tokyo Rumble is your typical RPG brawler. Pick a brawler and fight! Natsume has revealed some of the characters in River City: Tokyo Rumble. Check out the press release and characters below!

“We’re excited to be able to deliver such a diverse cast of characters for River City fans,” said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume. “We know that a lot of River City fans have been waiting to play as some of their series favorites in English for a long time now, so we can’t wait to hear what series fans and newcomers alike think of the game and its eclectic cast of characters.” 

Here’s a partial list of the River City: Tokyo Rumble characters:

KUNIO – Kunio seeks to take back Tokyo from the massive Lion Alliance gang. Kunio is a thug with a heart of gold who looks out for his pals and fights for justice.

RIKI – A misunderstanding with Kunio roped Riki into the fray. Riki fights for justice, but when he gets really mad, he snaps and goes berserk.

MISAKO – Misako frowns on delinquents, but makes an exception for Kunio.

SHINJI – Shinji went to school with Riki and is older, so he expects to be respected. He demands respect from his lowerclassmen, with fists if necessary!

MISUZU – Physically huge, Misuzu intimidates people and has a tough personality to match. Treat this delicate flower like a lady, or she’ll introduce you to her fists!

RANDY – Returning from River City Ransom, twins Randy and Andy make up the Double Dragons!

SABU – Gunning for revenge against Kunio, who previously humiliated the Sanwa Gang. Fans of Renegade should remember this bad guy!

TEX – Usually easygoing, until something gets him riled. Then he turns nasty! Watch out for his spin attack!

TIGER CLAW – The younger of the Double Tigers wrestling brothers!

Source: Natsume