Nintendo Download for February 15, 2018 – North America

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to our readers!  Here is this week’s Nintendo Download which offers a bunch of Switch titles, two 3DS titles and nothing on the Wii U.  There is new DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors if that interests you.  Nintendo releases their list of new eShop games, discounts, and more, and we’ve got all the details below.  Be sure see all the details along with the prices (in the US), just below the screenshots. If you plan on downloading any of these games, let us know in the comments!

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New on the eShop for Switch:

  • Bayonetta*  — $29.99/Free (the first price is for standalone digital, the second price is free to download if purchasing retail copy of Bayonetta 2) *Available Feb. 16*
  • Bayonetta 2* — $49.99/$59.99 (first price is the digital version, second is the price of the retail version) *Available Feb. 16*
  • Fe — $19.99 *Available Feb. 16*
  • ACA NEOGEO FATAL FURY 3 — $7.99 *Available Feb. 13*
  • AQUA KITTY UDX — $8.99
  • ESCAPE TRICK: 35 Fateful Enigmas — $19.99
  • Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf — $12.99 *Available Feb. 16*
  • Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Gate Of Doom — $7.99
  • Layers of Fear: Legacy — $19.99 *Available Feb. 21*
  • Millie — $4.99
  • Old Man’s Journey — $9.99 *Available Feb. 20*
  • Pool BILLIARD — $7.99
  • Puzzle Puppers — $4.99 *Available Feb. 20*
  • Quest of Dungeons – Demo Version — $FREE!
  • Samurai Aces for Nintendo Switch — $7.99
  • TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- — $9.99
  • Violett – Demo Version — $FREE!
  • Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway — $9.99
  • Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway – Demo Version — $FREE!
  • Xeodrifter — $9.99

Get both Bayonetta games for a great price! – Purchase Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2 on or Nintendo eShop and get a discount on your purchase of the other game. Once you purchase Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2 from or Nintendo eShop, any time you purchase the other Bayonetta game from or Nintendo eShop, you’ll get an automatic discount applied at checkout. Digitally, both games can be purchased for a combined total of $59.98.

New on the eShop for 3DS:

  • Machine Knight — $9.99
  • RTO 2 — $9.99

Featured DLC on Nintendo Platforms:

  • Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass (for Nintendo Switch/New Nintendo 3DS) – New playable characters, History Maps, costumes and more have come to the Fire Emblem Warriors game. Here’s what’s in the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon pack: three new characters, three new History Maps, four new costumes, new armor break models, new support conversations, new weapons and new weapon attributes. If you already purchased the Season Pass, this DLC Pack is available to you at no additional cost. The Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC Pack can be purchased on the official site. Note: new costumes, character-exclusive weapons and weapon attributes must be unlocked as rewards from playing through the new History Maps. The full version of the game is required to use the DLC.

Featured eShop Sales and Discounts:

[Source: PR Email from Nintendo of America]