Nintendo Download for January 18, 2018 – North America

On the tail of the reveal of the Nintendo Labo, we have a brand new Nintendo Download.  If you are looking for additional Switch and 3DS titles, then be sure to check out the listing below.  The Wii U continues to decline with another week with zero new titles.  We have a pretty big list to cover, so let’s jump right in!

The Switch is filled to the brim with new and varying content.  If you are looking for titles available today, then be sure to check out Darkest Dungeon, Ambition of the Slimes, ACA NEOGEO Power Spikes II, Arcade Archives DOUBLE DRAGON, Qbik, Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast, Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator, and World to the West.  There is also a pair of demos that you can try out completely free!  Those are Implosion and League of Evil.  On January 19, Baseball Riot, Nuclien, and Vesta are available.  Fast forwarding to January 22 is ChromaGun.  Last but certainly not least is LOST SPHEAR and Shu on January 23.

Over on the 3DS there is the headliner Kirby Battle Royale, but that will not be available until tomorrow January 19.  But today, be sure to check out Link-a-Pix Color and Raining Coins.  Those that are enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can receive the first wave of the DLC, providing it was purchased.  There will be more to come in the future which includes new story elements, so complete some new quests now while you can.

As always, the full release list is below, along with the prices (in the US), just below the screenshots. If you plan on downloading any of these games, let us know in the comments!

New on the eShop for Switch:

  • LOST SPHEAR — $49.99  *Available January 23*
  • Darkest Dungeon — $24.99
  • Ambition of the Slimes — $5.00
  • ACA NEOGEO Power Spikes II — $7.99
  • Arcade Archives DOUBLE DRAGON — $7.99
  • Baseball Riot — $4.99 *Available January 19*
  • ChromaGun — $19.99 *Available January 22*
  • Qbik — $4.99
  • Implosion – Demo Version — $FREE!
  • League of Evil – Demo Version — $FREE!
  • Nuclien  — $2.99 *Available January 19*
  • Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast — $2.99
  • Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator — $1.99
  • Shu  — $9.99 *Available January 23*
  • Vesta — $14.99 *Available January 19*
  • World to the West — $19.99

New on the eShop for 3DS:

  • Kirby Battle Royale — $39.99 *Available January 19*
  • Link-a-Pix Color — $7.99
  • Raining Coins — $3.99

Featured DLC on Nintendo Platforms:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass DLC – If you purchased the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass, new content is available at 9:00 p.m. PT!
    • Expansion Pass: New Quests Pack 1
      • Passion of the Artisan (Quest available in Chapter 2)
      • M.I.A. Nopon (Quest available in Chapter 3)
      • Industrial Sort of Tour (Quest available in Chapter 5)
      • Midnight Feasting (Quest available in Chapter 7)
      • The Lone Watchman (Quest available in Chapter 10)
    • Expansion Pass: Helpful Items Pack 3
      • Driver Essentials Set 2: Rare Core Crystal x10, Legendary Core Crystal x1, Overdrive Protocol x1
      • Tora’s Favorite Thing: Juicy Samod x3
      • Poppi α’s Favorite Thing: Fizz Juice x3
      • Charming Driver Gear: Auto-Balancer x1
  • Buy the Expansion Pass to gain access to new content, including the above packs and a new story in Fall 2018! To learn more, visit the official Xenoblade Chronicles 2 site.

Featured eShop Sales and Discounts:

[Source: PR Email from Nintendo of America]