Nintendo Switch Event Reactions

Less than 24 hours ago, Nintendo wrapped up their live Switch event from Tokyo. Several of us stayed up late to watch the event, even sharing live commentary and updates on our Twitter and Facebook. There is so much to cover, so make sure you stay tuned to NintendoFuse for all the details.

For now, we want to follow up on our expectations post from a week ago with this reaction compilation from Barry, Greg, and me. We are also doing a live podcast tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Time with even more reactions, so be sure to check that out on our YouTube channel!

Many of our questions were answered. Price, release date, new titles, while many more were absent. We didn’t find out specs, SD card limitations, or the full launch lineup. Many of these were addressed on their press site and Tree House. I’m overall impressed but I do have some concerns. Using a Tegra X1 I feel is a poor move and the Tegra X2 would have been the wiser way to go.

Their launch lineup is very small, far smaller than the Wii U’s launch. I figured after the Wii U and 3DS they would have learned just how important a strong launch lineup can be. The games they showed off for the most part were everything I wanted and then some. My only reservation is with “1, 2, Switch” which really should have been a pack in game. I think selling it at full retail price is a mistake.

I can’t wait till March when I’ll get my hands on the Switch and the many hours I plan to spend in games like Zelda and Bomberman!


Overall, I felt the presentation was a little lackluster.  There was a lot of Switching going on (no pun intended) with even between the executives.  I got much of what I asked for, Breathe of the Wild, Skyrim and the price.  The date is better as it’s just the beginning of March!  I was surprised that Super Mario Odyssey was so far away.

I am happy to see that the battery life is dependent on the game, and I am also delighted you don’t have to have the dock to charge it.  I’m undecided on the paid internet service as I still need more information.  There are plenty of games that are showing promise and look great and I cannot wait to enjoy them.

Overall, very hyped, and my pre-order is placed for a neon JoyCon unit!


It seem like many people are split between their feelings on the event. Personally, I thought it was great and just what we needed to see from Nintendo. It was packed with details and tons of games. They didn’t mess around, as they started right off with the price and launch date. From that, the rest of the event was game after game.

It reminded me of the PS4 event from E3. As I sat in the room for that event, I was overwhelmed by game after game. One difference between that event and this one was the Sony event felt a bit more polished. I think that’s why many are saying they didn’t like this one, because if it has to do with the amount of content, I don’t know how they could have fit any additional details in a one-hour show.

Apart from the event itself, I am even more excited about the Switch. The games look great (especially Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, and Splatoon), and I’m even more thrilled about the direction they are going this time around. It truly is a combination of all their past consoles. There are certainly some weird games and odd choices, but it’s Nintendo. Overall, I’m definitely pumped to get mine on March 3. Speaking of which, who saw that date coming!?


So, what did you think of the Nintendo Switch event? Did you leave fulfilled or do you want more? Share your thoughts in the comment section and in the comments tonight during our live podcast!

Nintendo is currently streaming Treehouse Live, where they are showing off all the games and more details for the console, so make sure you check that out over on their Twitch channel!