Our Reactions to the Nintendo Direct Mini on January 11, 2018

Barring any announcement ahead of time, Nintendo posted a Nintendo Direct yesterday. Several games were announced. If you missed it, make sure to check out the video and press release we posted yesterday.

Last night, a few of our team got together to give their reactions to the miniature Nintendo Direct. Check it out below!

After you watch, let us know what you thought about the Nintendo Direct Mini in the comments below or on YouTube.

1 thought on “Our Reactions to the Nintendo Direct Mini on January 11, 2018”

  1. – The World Ends with You Remixed on Nintendo Switch < …. old game

    – New Battle Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament™ DX DLC < … Even free sorry i'm an adult i don't play pokemon anymore, they're no age for video game, or watching some series, but even they're no "age" to do a thing, i'm to old to watch the teletubbies, when you have more than 30years and still play baby game you need to see a psychiatrist cause you have a problem !

    – New Abilities for Kirby and His Friends …in Kirby™ Star Allies! But when? < like pokemon baby game

    – The Ultimate Version of Hyrule Warriors < already out twice, will not pay to play it on 900p when i've already finished the game on wii U

    – Mario Tennis™ Aces Serves Up a Story <how to say it's fun 30min the time to discover how to win, after like all mario sport game, you'll never put it again into the switch.

    – Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA on Nintendo Switch < Finished last year

    Break Out the Balloons: Free Update Incoming!
    Find Luigi—and balloons—in Super Mario Odyssey™ < Mario odissey is so short that this dlc is just a joke :\

    Face Off in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy < … lol …

    New Character in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle < not fan


    DkC Tropical freeze, no thank's finish it on wii U …

    The more the time goes, the worst the switch is, like the previous nintendo hardware, great day one start for hardware. And after we wait for game we never got … i always be a fan, but i want game i like, never got it since the ds in 2005 … no new starfox, no new metroid (except other M), no new dk country … nintendo is no longer made for m anymore, the switch will be my last nintendo hardware

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