Platinum Games Celebrates Astral Chain’s 1st Anniversary and Teases Sequel

Astral Chain, the sci-fi action game and newest IP from Platinum Games, turned one year old on August 30, 2020, and was celebrated in a few ways for hopeful fans.

Takahisa Taura, a director of Astral Chain, tweeted out special illustrations to celebrate the first anniversary of the game. They were drawn by the game’s concept artist, Yuki Suda, and scenario writer, Akiteru Naka. 

Platinum Games also tweeted out a picture of a specially-prepared cake in the theme of Lappy, a mascot character within the story of the game. Notice the two cookies on the sides with each having the artwork of each of the two main protagonists, the Akira twins. 

The interesting part of this celebration comes from Hideki Kamiya, a prominent director within Platinum Games and supervisor of Astral Chain, who in a now-deleted tweet, simply said “Astral Chain 2.” Luckily, a screenshot was captured. Whether or not, it means anything remains to be seen as Kamiya is known to joke around. 

Astral Chain was revealed in a February 2019 Nintendo Direct. Published by Nintendo, it released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 30 of the same year. It was critically well-received with an 87 on Metacritic. The game would go on to sell 1.08 million copies worldwide as of March 2020. These sales were “above expectations,” according to Taura in a January 2020 interview.