Super Mario Maker 2 Final Major Update Revealed

Nintendo announced on Twitter that the last major free update to Super Mario Maker 2 will be available on Wednesday April 22, 2020.

Nintendo set out and brought many of the highly requested things to the game from the community. For example, people wanted Super Mario Bros. 2 theme. While it was not a full blown selectable game theme, a costume was added to drastically play level from the game. You can pick up enemies and toss them. This includes Bullet Bills, Chain Chomps, large enemies, along with the more expected Goombas and Koopas. The thrown enemies can interact with other items like picking up coins, or hitting question mark blocks. In the snow theme, he can pick up snowballs out of the snow! This costume is only available in Super Mario Bros. game style.

Some new suits were added to the game. The Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 was added to its game style. Swimming is much easier to do in those pesky water levels. Frog Mario can now run along the top of the water now too, even while carrying an item! Boomerang Mario was added to the New Super Mario Bros. U game style as well. Toss some boomerangs and bring things back to Mario!

Some additional methods of flying where added to the game as well. The power balloon was added to the Super Mario World game style. Mario can now float through the air throughout levels. The acorn power up was added to the New Super Mario Bros. U game style will transform Mario into Flying Squirrel Mario, and can glide downwards.

Some new wear-ables were added to Super Mario 3D World style. This includes a cannon box, propeller box, POW block, Goomba hat, and a bullet hat. The cannon box allows you to shoot cannon balls, and is able to be charged up for a longer shot. The propeller box gives Mario actions similar to the propeller suit. The main difference is that it can be used three times in succession without touching the ground. The POW Block can destroy things in close proximity to Mario up to three times. The Goomba hat can fool enemies and some will not attack you. The bullet hat gives Mario the power of horizontal flight. He can only fly for a limited time, so be careful!

One of the highly requested characters/boss characters are being added. Meet the Koopalings, Larry, Morton Jr., Iggy, Wendy, Ludwig, Roy, and Lemmy. They are being added to the four primary game styles: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U. Each has their own move set, so each is treated as a separate boss battle. They were all shown on screen at the same time, so that is one of hundreds of possibilities you can create!

Some additional course parts were shown off as well. There is the Cursed Key from Super Mario Bros. 2, that will trigger a Phantos enemy to chase the player down. This item is only available in Super Mario Bros. game style. There is now an On/Off Trampoline in the Super Mario 3D World style and triggers with On/Off switches. Mecha Koopas were added to the four primary game styles as well. Normal ones that just walk and can be jumped on and kicked. Then there are red ones that shoot homing shots, and blue ones that shoot lasers! Then in all the night themes, they can fly!

If none of these awesome features interested you, this last one will blow your mind. Since the original Super Mario Maker game, this has been a very highly requested feature. Long time readers know I created a page for the Mario Maker worlds created by players of the community. No longer is an external world builder necessary for making worlds. That’s right, there is now a World Builder where you can make your own maps with bridges, level configurations, and even have warp pipes, castle icons, ghost houses – everything you need to make a pretty world map for your groups of levels. Players can make up to eight worlds including a total of forty courses.

[Source: Nintendo of America]