REVIEW – Troll and I (Switch)


Check out the full review above of Troll and I on Nintendo Switch. So as I explain in the intro to my review in the video i was hesitant on wanting to review the game. My overall opinion, if not understood from the video is that the game falls flat on many of its technical levels. The only redeeming aspects seemingly held back by all the other issues this game does have. Check out the main points of my review below and the score. The game was provided by Maximum Games for review.

Score: 3/10


  • Excellent story with a great theme
  • Combat system is diverse and offers variety on how you can approach a situation
  • Crafting system is available from the start
  • Environments look great


  • Technical problems severely hinder the games performance
  • Loss of sounds completely
  • Voice acting make the game feel very cheap and bland
  • Camera is extremely nauseating.