FIRST-IMPRESSIONS – Kirby Planet Robobot (PAX East 2016)

Kirby Planet Robobot will soon be out on the Nintendo 3DS. While I am not a huge Kirby fan, I have played a few of his games. Today, I got the opportunity to play Planet Robobot a bit early at PAX East 2016.

The mode I played was the basic single-player campaign. Honestly, if felt just like every other Kirby game I have played – simple and easy. There was nothing crazy or overwhelmingly good or bad. The new mech-suit was cool, but it is just the next evolution of Kirby abilities and armor. Sure, it allowed you to be more powerful and manipulate other aspects of the game, but it just felt like another ability.

Moving from the foreground to the background happened fluidly. In the levels I played, this happened automatically. This makes it look cool, but it didn’t really add much to the gameplay.

The graphics were really good, though. Even though the 3D effect was not a huge aspect of the gameplay, it did add to the really great look of the game. This is not unusual, though, since most Kirby games look great.

Overall, Planet Robobot was really fun, but like I said earlier, there was nothing overwhelming on either side. Kirby fans will probably be very satisfied, as the game takes the tried and true model in just a bit of a new step, but it doesn’t stretch it too much.

The game does have a cooperative mode, but I was not able to play it.

Kirby Planet Robobot will launch on the Nintendo 3DS on June 10, 2016. Stay tuned to NintendoFuse for our continued coverage of the game.