Our Story

NintendoFuse is a Nintendo fan-site launched in early 2006 as WiiNintendo. We do our best to bring you the latest in the world of Nintendo, including game/product reviews, discussions, and editorials. We also have a regular podcast filled with Nintendo-related goodness. All of us do this purely for fun and for you, our amazing readers.

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Meet the Team

Mickey DeLorenzo

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Greg Dabkey

Podcast Co-Host

David Echeverria

Staff Writer

Blake Chenoweth

Staff Writer

Steve Cullum

Senior Editor & Podcast Co-Host

Mike Trim

Discord Manager

Joseph Rutkin

Staff Writer

Phillip Perez

Contributing Author

Barry Carenza

Editor, Podcast Co-Host, & IndustryTalk Host

Jared Krinsky

Staff Writer

Jeremy Hardin

Technical Director

Hassan Ahmed

Contributing Author