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NintendoFuse has always been a place where Nintendo fans come together. While we offer unbiased reviews, we are truly a group of Nintendo fans who love to talk about Nintendo with others.

In the early days, we had a forum focused on connecting with our fans. But times change, and with site redesigns, we ended up closing down our forums. And thus, this left an empty hole in our amazing community.

While we try to interact in the chat room during live-streams and podcasts, encourage sharing in the blog comments, and discuss lots of things on YouTube and other social media, we feel there is room for one more place to come together and share our love for Nintendo gaming. So, we invite you to join our Facebook group!


Please feel free to talk about your favorite games, discuss recent Nintendo news, and make plans to play online together. Just be sure to respect each other!

We look forward to connecting with you more on Facebook!