Great Detective Pikachu (3DS) – Nintendo World Report Review

Nintendo World Report has the first review out on Great Detective Pikachu for the 3DS, here is an excerpt:

Great Detective Pikachu does a great job representing the world of Pokémon outside of the usual perspective of catching the creatures or simply using the characters in puzzle game type settings. The visuals are great and the sound, especially voice acting, is top notch. While the presentation of the game is phenomenal, the overall simplicity of the story and back tracking keep this from being a must own for people outside of the most ardent Poké-fans. It’s worth taking a look, but it doesn’t have the same reach that some other point and click adventure games have to offer.

+ Funny, entertaining voice acting
+ Great presentation
+ Nice visuals

– Gratuitous backtracking
– Occasional framerate issues
– Simple story

Great Detective Pikachu Trailer:

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