Star Ghost (WiiU) – Preparing to Launch on Nintendo eShop

Release: March 10th, 2016
Price: $8.99

Star Ghost is an exciting evolution of the side-scrolling shoot-em-up, featuring procedurally generated levels, a unique control scheme and an atmospheric soundtrack by renowned composer, David Wise.

Take control of the Star Ghost and patrol the galaxy. Navigate the fragments of exploding planets, survive intense asteroid fields and dogfight deadly Sentinel ships in a desperate bid to defend Astron from the onslaught of the Metagon Empire.


  • Dynamic level generation
  • 12 beautifully rendered Star Systems
  • Sound track by renowned composer, David Wise
  • Simple, intuitive control system
  • Off-TV play

Procedural Generation. The battle takes place across twelve procedurally generated star systems, meaning that every game played is a unique experience.

Unique Controls. Star Ghost features a fresh new control scheme, requiring just a single button to manoeuvre (hold to ascend / release to descend). The left control stick can be used to bias the direction of fire, or if pushed to the left, to hold fire and engage a traction field.

Unique Upgrade System. There a numerous pickups to found in the wreckage of the battle. Some provide temporal upgrades to existing systems, others introduce new capabilities (missiles, vaporizers, shield generators etc.) and then there are viruses which, if collected leave the Star Ghost unable to fire its weapons. Fortunately, players can turn these devious devices into smart bombs if they can just maintain a steady flight path for long enough.

Atmospheric Sound Track with Full Voice Over. David’s soundtrack is complemented by a full voice over from Michelle Sundholm, providing helpful guidance to the player and the occasional witty comment.