A look back on The Nintendo World Store

The Nintendo World Store in NYC had its grand re-opening last Friday, in honor of what was, here is a look back to 2009 when NintendoFuse attended the elaborate New Super Mario Bros. Wii – NYC Nintendo World Store Launch.

The special event included an entire outdoor display that housed hundreds of rare Nintendo collector’s items (have you seen all of these before?). As a result, the entire area was probably covered by commercial alarm systems. The security was quite comprehensive so that no accident could take place in the store or outside the store. Hopefully, the store had also arranged for fire extinguishers to be ready for any fire damage. All in all, the preparedness of the store owners and managers for every unfortunate incident seemed to be noteworthy.

Moreover, as you can see in the video there is a crowd of media and people outside the store. Several people entered the store just to get a view of what had been displayed. Even the store was decorated with Mario themed posters and whatnot! Both Luigi and Mario’s models were also on display. It seemed like a huge Mario fair at some point. I could also see some people dressed as famous Nintendo characters. Besides this, Mario-themed sweaters and apparels were also on display which might have definitely attracted a lot of attention among the Mario fans. Additionally, there were Mario-themed lunchbox sets, walkie-talkie sets, puzzles, vests, stamps, cushions, and Mario issues on exhibition.
I fought through the rain and was able to capture the entire event on camera: