Aerial Photo of Super Nintendo World Japan Give Best View Yet of Almost Completed Park

[UPDATE: We apologize, but Universal Studios has asked the photographer to take the photo down, so we have also taken down our image.]

We have been captivated by the idea of Super Nintendo World ever since we heard of its inception. We have even talked about how fun it would be to arrive on opening day when it finally opens in the United States. Meanwhile, construction crews have been hard at work, even through the Coronavirus pandemic, to build the park in Universal Studios Japan. The pandemic has hit a lot of businesses during this time, because of less foot traffic and purchasing, some have had to reduce their staff and even shut up shop. However, there is an SVOG loan guide that can help these businesses through this to see how they can keep afloat. It is lucky that Nintendo has still been able to keep going ready for when visitors can return, but it is still important for local companies to be aware that they can be assisted when needed and keep their financials at a steady level.

On our last podcast, we talked about some photos that had surfaced on Twitter. While it was great to see the park, they were still grainy and at a distance. We put out a call for someone to get an aerial photo of the park, and just a couple days later, we have it!

Check out the photo below, taken by @imaiko02 on Instagram. (Photo used with permission.)


As you can see, most of the outside world is finished. You will notice Bowser’s Castle to the bottom left with what is most likely the Mario Kart ride behind it and Peach’s Castle to the far right. The giant hill In the center-left look so good! It is truly like a video game has come to life before our very eyes!

While it also might look small, keep in mind perspective shifts from the air. If you begin to look at the details, you will realize just how large this area is. Beyond that, it seems they might have room to expand some to the top of the photo.

Let us know what you think of this photo, and be sure to give @imaiko02 a follow on Instagram for his great work in supplying this (and his incredibly generosity in letting us have and use it).