Blast 'Em Bunnies coming to 3DS eShop March 10th

Defend your burrow from a horde of evil bunnies!

Trailer (XBox One footage):

Pick them off using your carrot rifle, pelt their furry hides with your watermelon pip machine gun or wreak havoc with your runner bean laser. Want to destroy as many of their colony as possible? Your turnip mortar will do maximum splash damage.

These crafty cottontails come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them can even fly, so you’ll need every weapon in your armory to deal with this barbarous band of bitter bunnies. How they became evil, where they came from and who taught them to fly remains a mystery. But there’s no time to ponder these rabbit riddles, just grab your favorite weapon and…Blast ‘Em Bunnies!

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[toggle title=”Price” expanded=”in”]$4.99[/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Bunnies”]There are 9 different types of evil bunny you’ll be facing off against. Each one has it’s own personal quirk so keep your eyes peeled and your trigger finger ready.









[toggle title=”The Weapons”]There are four weapons: the Carrot rifle, the Watermelon Pip Machine Gun, the Turnip Mortar and the Runner Bean Laser. You start the game with the Carrot Rifle and by shooting coins you can purchase the others and upgrade them all. Upgrades include: double and triple barrels, increased rate of fire and increased weapon power.

Each weapon has 4 types of ammo e.g. Carrots, Heat Seeking Parsnips, Bouncing Pumpkin Bombs, Exploding Turnips, Sticky Exploding Raspberries and more. Ammo can be temporarily activated (along with its corresponding weapon) by shooting a power-up crate, or you can permanently equip your favorite type by purchasing it with coins.




[toggle title=”DLC”]The base game comes with one amazing arena and the standard set of bunny skins. You can get the whole gameplay experience with this one purchase.

However if you want to customize your experience you can purchase some of our amazing add on content. This content comes in the form of arenas, skins, permanent multipliers and weapon unlocks.

There are 5 additional arenas priced at US$/€2.99 each and each arena comes with a brand new arena, 3 new music tracks and a full day to night system.
You can also customize the enemy bunnies by purchasing one of our 5 skin packs. Each skin pack contains 3 new skins for each enemy bunny and are priced at US$/€1.99.

There are also multipliers and weapon unlocks available for purchase if you’d like to progress quicker than normal. The game is designed without these in mind so they are only there for the impatient ones who really want to unlock everything immediately!

The skins and arenas are also sold in a variety of bundles. Combined Skin and Arena bundles are priced at US$/€ 3.99 and each one contains a matching skin and arena; All Skin & Arena bundle is US$/€ 9.99 and contains all of the skins and arenas; the Mega Bundle is priced at US$/€ 14.99 and contains all of the skins, arenas and multipliers; the Super Mega Bundle is priced at US$/€ 19.99 and contains the game, all skins, all arenas and all multipliers (note this bundle is not available on Nintendo 3DS). Weapon packs are sold individually for US$/€ 2.99-4.99.







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For either PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita; Nintendo 3DS or Xbox One!
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