Choose Your Own Fate In Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates is on the way very soon.  In fact, it actually launches tomorrow February 19, 2016!  There will be three versions total, but only the first two will be available tomorrow.  There is a major choice to make, do you team up with your birth family or do you team up with your adopted family?  You can decide by getting Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright or Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.  If you want to get the full experience, it is recommended to get all versions of the game!  Those that are unfamiliar with the Fire Emblem series, it is a tactical RPG game with a variety of characters and a deep story.  Battles take place on grid-like maps and each weapon is part of a triangle.  A sword will beat an axe, the axe beats a spear while the spear beats the sword.

As from Fire Emblem: Awakening, you can select classic mode where characters defeated in battle stay dead or use the phoenix mode where you will always carry all characters forward.  Brand new to the series is special Dragon Vein spaces where royals can alter the battle in dramatic ways.  It is said it will usually be to your advantage.  Another new feature is an area called My Castle.  This is where you can prepare for upcoming battles, improve character to character relationships or even defend the castle from mysterious invasions.  You can customize the facilities to make your castle more unique.  One of these customizations is an armory where you can purchase new weapons.  There is also an Arena to battle for prizes.  Obviously, as the game progresses, additional structures can be built and further upgrade existing pieces.

Also returning is the ability to team up your characters for additional stat boosts and support conversations.  The marriage aspect returns in Fire Emblem Fates which allows two characters to have a strong bond during battles.  There is a new aspect to marriage now as the second seal item will allow both spouses to have the same character class.  Lastly, a new feature to the game is amiibo support.  Marth, Ike, Robin or Lucina can be scanned in to receive special items – or you can battle against them for a chance to have them join your party.

All versions are full games with unique stories offering a ton amount of hours of gameplay.  After one version is purchased, you can download the other for $19.99 upon arriving at chapter six.  The third portion Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations will be available on March 10 for $19.99.  If you want the physical release, you can opt to get the special edition bundle which is available tomorrow on February 19 which has all three versions of the game, an artbook and a Nintendo 3DS pouch.  Those that buy this bundle can play Revelations before the official release of the DLC in March.  Speaking of DLC, starting tomorrow new maps will also be released on a regular basis.  They can be purchased individually or you can purchase Map Pack 1 for $17.99 to get all 11 maps plus bonus content.  You will find this would be a discounted price then purchasing all individually.

So, which fate will you choose?

3DS_FEFBirthright_case_pkg01 3DS_FEFConquest_case_pkg01

[Source: Official Press Release]