Dragalia Lost Receives New Major Update (Void Battles)

Nintendo’s original mobile IP Dragalia Lost has just received a major update that adds new enemies/battles and daily events.

Below is more information about the update:

Black mana from the otherworld has infected the realm, turning dragons and fiends to wickedness and violence. Starting today, you can challenge these powerful enemies in Void Battles, new daily events that pit you head-to-head against ever-changing enemies for a chance to earn special rewards.

Voids are the black mana-infected creatures that now roam the realm. On a daily basis, the Voids that you can encounter in Void Battles change, with the schedule of daily Void Battles sent to you via in-game notifications. Void Battle Endeavors, limited time missions tied to the introduction of each new set of enemies in Void Battles, also begin today and will be available between now and Feb. 27 at 9:59 p.m. PT, so make sure to jump in and give it a try for even more in-game rewards!
After conquering a Void Battle, you’ll be rewarded with materials that can be used to craft powerful weapons, or traded for items, weapons, dragons and facilities in the Treasure Trade section of the in-game Shop.
Keep in mind that you must have cleared Chapter 7 in the main campaign in order to access the new Void Battles feature.
Void Battles add even more content to the Dragalia Lost game, which already features a wealth of content for players to enjoy. The mobile RPG can be downloaded now for free* from the AppStore and Google Play.

[Source: Nintendo Press Release]