Falco amiibo Unlocks Special Arwing in Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero comes out on April 22, and it looks like some reviewers are already getting their hands on it. (We’re still waiting patiently on our copy.)

Usually these games have embargo times, where the publishers give the reviewers restrictions on what they can and cannot share before the game releases. Because we have not received our copy yet, we cannot tell you the details on this particular embargo. Nonetheless, YouTube and Twitch user AbdallahSmash206, who says he is a “Nintendo of America partner/influencer,” was apparently given access to live-stream the game early.

Over the weekend, he streamed just under an hour of the Star Fox Zero. During that stream, he showed off the functionality of the Falco amiibo. While we already knew amiibo can be used in the game, like how the Fox amiibo unlocks the classic SNES arwing, we did not quite know how Falco would function.

According to his stream, he unlocks a black arwing that can lock onto two enemies at a time but takes 3x damage. The latter is similar to how the Ganondorf amiibo will make Link take 2x damage in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

Unfortunately, the stream archive has now been made private, so we cannot share it with you anymore. You’ll just have to take our word from the screenshots and the many who saw it at the time of the live-stream.

So, what do you think of this news? Will you be scanning in your Falco amiibo, or will you prefer Fox’s traditional arwing? Or will you scan in a Fox amiibo to get the SNES version of the arwing? Let us know in the comments!