Fire Emblem Heroes – Tips, Tricks, & Unlockables

Fire Emblem Heroes arrived on IOS and Android recently, and it has a bunch of things to do – and not only daily, but monthly.  Here’s some tips and information how to get the most of the game, without wasting precious currency along with real dollars.


  • You should try to log in daily.  Doing so you can earn hero feathers and orbs from simply opening the game up, and tapping on the home menu.  The orbs won’t last forever, as they are tagged as “App Release Celebration”.  They will expire on March 14.  The two orbs you get are worth nearly a $1 – as they are the primary ‘premium’ currency of this game.  The hero feathers allow you to upgrade your characters, so they will be needed later.
  • Clear story mode on Normal.  This might take some time and some stamina potions, but this should get you 48 orbs (counting the prologue).  The orbs can then be used to upgrade your castle and start summoning.  This will also unlock some levels in the training tower and arena battles.
  • Spend your orbs WISELY.  There are many uses for them, but there are smart ways to use them, and pointless ways.  The smart way is to use them to upgrade your castle to the fullest.  Doing so will earn you 100% bonus to all experience earned.  This will help level up your characters much quicker.  Total cost is around 18-20 orbs.  The other main use you will want to do is summoning heroes (see below for summoning tips).  There are a lot of other ways to use orbs, but are more to just waste them.  If you fall in battle, it may ask you to spend an orb to ‘Continue’.  Seeing as there is an item called the Light’s Blessing, this will revive your heroes in that tricky battle.  This item is more rare, but can also be redeemed on My Nintendo.  You are better off giving up than spending an orb as the experience can be re-earned.
  • If you have the arena unlocked, make sure to do three battles there.  It will help you earn rankings for the week.  Stick to beginner until your party is more seasoned to take on intermediate and advanced.  There are monthly goals to winning battles.  These battles also do not use stamina.  Your 3 swords replenish daily, or you can redeem Dueling Crests to do more than 3 arena battles a day.  Again, if offered to spend an orb to replenish, do not spend it!
  • Claim your rewards.  On the home screen, there are a few different statues.  If you see a numeric value, it means you received a gift, completed a quest, or have a new friend.  Make sure to accept the gifts, greet your friends and tap each quest reward.  Just remember for the quest rewards, there are two-three menus to scroll through.
  • Keep an eye on the monthly goals.  Completing these goals will net you free items, including Light’s Blessing, Dueling Crests (refills arena swords), stamina potions (+50 stamina), or colored/colorless crystal shards (free experience for heroes).  After you complete the normal goals, hard mode goals unlock, followed by lunatic.  You must complete all goals of that difficulty level before the next one unlocks.  


  • There is a daily special map to play, completing it will unlock a specific hero.  There is normal level will net you a 1-star character, and the hard map will net you a 2-star hero.   If you are at least level 5, you can get the 1-star character.  This will give you a free hero to train later.  If you are near or past level 15, you can take a stab at the 2-star hero.  Just keep in mind in both battles, all members of your party must be alive at the end.
  • Keep an eye out for special events.  There was a precious special event where you could beat a map on hard to get a 2-star character and a lunatic map to get a 3 star.  Seeing as the daily special maps are already looping back, this one may return, or there may be others just like it.
  • The easiest way to unlock heroes is through summoning.  You should never summon Heroes with less than 20 orbs.  You will get a discount by summoning five heroes at once, which costs exactly 20 orbs (instead of 25).  This should guarantee you 3-star, 4-star or potentially a rare 5-star character per summoning session.
  • Your heroes can learn new skills.  So each hero will unlock new abilities by spending their SP.  Check the “Learn Skills” area to spend your SP.  When you advance the star rating, more skills become available to learn.  
  • The star rating can be increased when the character reaches level 20.  You then spend the colored badges/great badges in addition to Hero’s Feathers.  If you are raising a 2-star to a 3-star, the cost will be more minimal.  Raising from 3-star to 4-star will then cost more.  Promoting a 4-star to 5-star is super expensive and difficult.  The idea is to get as many 5-star characters as you can, as this will make all battles easier.  Keep in mind your level resets to 1 when you increase the star rating.  To upgrade your characters, go to Advanced Growth and select “Unlock Potential”.