Have a Knack For Social Media? We’re Hiring!

We are looking for a new Social Media Manager to handle the role of social media liaison for our website! Our current Social Media Manager, Mike (myself), is planning a leave for various personal reasons and to pursue other opportunities. We need someone who is obsessed with all things social media. From Instagram to Twitter, we need someone who knows their TikTok from their Facebook. Of course, after researching how easy it is to gain a following on these platforms, such as on https://studybreaks.com/tvfilm/buying-tiktok-followers/, we expect the best of the best – someone with a following of their own.

Enough with the formalities! Yes, I’m leaving NintendoFuse and it is for various reasons. As a lot of you may know I’m the face behind all the hashtags, lame jokes, and hilariously bad memes. On occasion I handle the live tweets of various events including Directs. Officially, I am finished February 2020, pending how long it takes for us to find a suitable replacement.

I will assist in the interviews for this position as it’s very much a hands-on job. We want someone with a good sense of morals, a high class social repose, and so on. There is an obvious elephant in the room, and that is that this job is 100% volunteer. So don’t commit unless you have the time that you can spare. However, you do get the added benefit of being able to review games! Who doesn’t like a game in exchange for your honest and well written opinion on said game?


  • Weekly Nintendo Downloads. Written on website, every Thursday
  • Post articles to Facebook and Twitter
  • Parley with the community through post, streams, etc.
  • Promote our content on social media platforms (Industry Talk, Game Chats, Video Reviews), potentially using growth tools like growthoid.com to get the word out even quicker.
  • Run social media based contests
  • Write articles and editorials when available (Hire a Copy Editor for some help.)
  • Review games (video or text) when available
  • Live-tweet various Nintendo events (if you have the time)


  • Previous Social Media Management experience
  • Knowledge of social trends and metrics
  • Knowledge of Nintendo hardware, games and history
  • Writing experience

If you meet all these or some of these qualifications. Send myself or Steve a cover letter, an example of some of your written work, and your resume. Our emails are below.

Mike: mike@nintendofuse.com
Steve: steve@nintendofuse.com