LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs Announced

Nintendo and LEGO have partnered up to bring a brand new experience for Mario fans in the form of the Super Mario sets, launching in August 1, 2020. They have since stated there will be expansion sets. Today, they announced another add-on in the form of the Power-Up Pack.

Players can change out Mario’s traditional suit for the Fire, Propeller, Cat, or Builder Suit. As you would expect, each suit has special abilities. Fire Mario will shoot fireballs, Propeller Mario collects coins when he flies, Cat Mario can climb walls to get more coins, and Builder Mario ground pounds bricks to collect coins. (Yes, it’s all about the coins! It’s Mario!)

The Power-Up packs will also be available on August 1, 2020.

Check out this quick video tutorial to see them in action, and let us know what you think about the suits in the comments down below.