Merchoid Releases Official Zelda Cosplay Hoodies

Videogame merchandise retailer has announced the release of two officially licensed Zelda themed cosplay hoodies to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. The hoodies are available for both men and women in ‘Hero of Hyrule’ and ‘Heroine of Hyrule’ styles. Both zip-up hoodies are designed to replicate Link’s outfit and feature a wraparound buckle, rear Hylian shield (gilded with the Royal crest) and Phrygian style hood. The hoodies are available to preorder now from for $54.99 (all of which include free worldwide shipping) and are due to ship in April this year.

The hoodies have been inspired by the recent trend in casual cosplay, as Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams explains

“Zelda has always been one of our most popular ranges, so we wanted to make sure there was something really special available around the 30th anniversary. The hoodies are stylish enough to wear on a daily basis, but we think they’re going to be an especially popular item to wear at fan conventions like Comic Con and Gamescom. When fans think of Zelda games, they think of Link setting off on a great adventure, and we want you to feel that every time you put the hoodie on.”

The Hero of Hyrule/Heroine of Hyrule casual cosplay hoodies are the latest products in the Merchoid’s new Zelda merchandise collection that was announced earlier in the month. Jessica concludes

“With Zelda’s 30th anniversary, this year looks like it’s going to be really special for Zelda fans. You can join in the Zelda excitement and preorder the hoodies now at – we take Paypal, cards and rupees!”

The hoodies are produced under license from Nintendo.

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Pre-Order now for $54.99 (Free Shipping)