Miitomo Racing Suit is Ready with a Special Message

Hey, everyone! Have you been playing around with Miitomo lately? Or are you like “everyone else,” and forgot about it? I usually check in at least once a day to answer a few questions, see what my friends are saying, and look around the shop.

Let’s check out the shop today. I see a new Miitomo Drop game is available with some racing suits. That’s cool!

Oh wow, I ended up getting a couple suits. I chose the black one and the blue one. I’ll go ahead and try them on.

Wait, what does that say on my chest? Does that say what I think it says? Did Reggie’s famous E3 phrase make it onto a Miitomo racing suit?

Yes, it did! How crazy and cool is that? Now, I’ll wear my Miitomo racing suit with pride declaring that my body is, in fact, ready to race!!