New Nintendo Shop Launching March 31

Along with the news that Miitomo and the My Nintendo Account launching this Thursday, March 31, was a little additional nugget of information.  In addition to the supported eShops for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, there will be a new shop located at  This shop combines both eShops and can serve as a one-stop shop type of place for downloading new games.  Those that own either or both Nintendo consoles, can access this shop and buy downloadable games directly from  Doing so in this way will send the game directly to your console, and will be immediately available to download when powering the console on.  You can earn Gold Points from purchasing games in this manner.  However, do not fret, you can still access the eShop from your console and still make those same purchases and be awarded Gold Points.

nintendo account

There are over two thousand games between the eShops and you will now be able to find those games easily at  Unsure of what you will purchase?  Well, you can sort and filter the games by genre.  Hopefully, there will be some additional features to narrow down this list as this was the only thing mentioned in the press release.  In order to purchase the games from the website directly, you will need to have a My Nintendo Account and likely linked this account to your consoles.

[Source: Official Press Release]