Nintendo Acquires Support Partner SRD

In the wake of many large acquisitions in the videogame industry, Nintendo has announced they will be making a small one.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has announced their intention to fully acquire Systems, Research, & Development (SRD) Co., Ltd. The entered agreement is intended to “acquire 100% of the outstanding shares and to make it a wholly owned subsidiary”. If terms and conditions are properly met, the acquisition will close on April 1, 2022.

SRD has been a close partner for Nintendo since the 1980s and is barely being acquired now. Nintendo says the purpose of the acquisition is to “strengthen the management base of SRD and secure the availability of software development resources for Nintendo, in addition to facilitating an anticipated improvement in software development efficiency”. Interestingly, Nintendo’s future projection for the acquisition states that it will “have only a minor effect on Nintendo’s results”.

Founded in 1979, SRD has been involved in many high-profile Nintendo games dating back to the NES era with Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and the Legend of Zelda. Their most recent credit is last year’s Game Builder Garage.

It’s worth noting that Nintendo isn’t new to acquisitions since they acquired Next Level Games last year and prior to that, Monolith Soft in 2007.