Nintendo LEGO Sets Hinted at for Mar10 Day [Updated]

In celebration of Mar10 Day, Nintendo has hinted at on Twitter, a collaboration with LEGO on some upcoming Mario LEGO sets. This is something I personally always dreamed of having and to see it finally come to fruition is going to be an exciting experience.

A LEGO blog, StoneWars, shared some light about the post in a bit more detail. There are apparently 13 Mario based Lego sets being released ranging from 4€- 100€.

Update: Today (3/12) Nintendo released a trailer of their upcoming LEGO sets. In it you use an electronic Mario figure to build and play on levels you make from their sets. It looks like the Mario figure scans chips embedded into LEGO pieces that will go on platforms, enemies and more. Once it scans it, Mario will light up, talk, and award coins for stomping on enemies, traversing your levels, and of course grabbing onto the flagpole at the end. All in all, it looks pretty new and interesting.

What do you think about this awesome partnership? As a LEGO fan ever since I was little, this is a dream come true and I may end up picking up a set or 2. Let us know if you’re excited for some Mario LEGO sets, and what do you hope to come from this.