Nintendo Reveals Plans for E3 2019

How’s your E3 hype level? With the event just over a month away, Nintendo has revealed their plans for the 2019 show.

Taking cues from other gaming companies, they are starting early this year. On June 8, they’ll wrap up their Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championships. You can watch live at the The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, or you can tune into watch from anywhere on Nintendo’s Twitch and YouTube channels. The Splatoon 2 tournament will begin at 11am Pacific Time, and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament will begin around 2pm Pacific Time.

Nintendo is bringing back their annual E3 Nintendo Direct, which is set to focus “entirely on software,” according to their press release. Unfortunately, that’s all the information they have given us, but it is probably save to assume we will see games like Animal Crossing, Pok√©mon, and Luigi’s Mansion 3. And here’s hoping we get more info on Metroid Prime 4 and a few more unannounced titles. You can watch the Direct online alongside us and all other Nintendo fans at 9am Pacific Time on June 11.

The Nintendo Treehouse: Live is also returning for the three days of E3, June 11-13. If you are unfamiliar with this live portion of E3, expect the Treehouse crew to show off many of the upcoming games, share additional information, and chat with several of the developers. With the tournaments moved to the weekend before, this makes us wonder if there will be more to show off on Treehouse: Live. Find out when they go live right after the Nintendo Direct on June 11.

As always, Nintendo will have a gigantic booth on the show floor, where they will allow both press and the (paying) general public to play many of their upcoming titles. They are also adding something new this year. One of the inevitable parts of E3 is standing in long lines, waiting to play those games. Starting this year, though, you can sign up for a special free Warp Pipe Pass, which allows you to cut down on your line time. If you have a Nintendo Account, this pass will allow you to “gain priority access in line” during your designated time. Nintendo has also setup an FAQ page for those with further questions about the Warp Pipe Pass.

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[Source: Nintendo of America PR Email]