Pokemon Craze Drives Interest in the Nintendo 3DS

You may have heard of a little mobile game on Apple and Android devices called Pokemon Go. In fact, there is a good chance that you have, and even more, likelihood that you’ve played it. This game has surged new life both into the Pokemon series and even the Nintendo 3DS hardware. In addition, Monster Hunter Generations and the Nintendo 2DS price drop have also contributed to the success for the month of July. There is also a renewed interest in Pokemon games of old and people have been looking to emulation to relive those memories using Pokemon Roms.

NPD reports that both the Nintendo 3DS hardware and software finished at the top of the charts. The Nintendo 3DS family of systems sold eighty percent more units this previous month compared to 2015’s month of July. With the help of the price drop, the Nintendo 2DS has crossed the two million lifetime sales mark in the US alone. The number one piece of software went to the previously mentioned Monster Hunter Generations game. Outside of Pokemon, Minecraft: Wii U Edition sold really well and placed at number six on the sales list. Kirby: Planet Robobot placed at number eleven.

Additionally, 2014’s release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games saw the same percentage increase as the hardware over the same time frame as last year. Omega Ruby placed number eight on the sales list with Alpha Sapphire placing at number ten. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are not to be left out either, as they saw a two hundred percent increase from 2015. These were released back in October of 2013 and even ranked at number sixteen and twenty-two on the July’s best-sellers list.