Pokémon Direct Brings Sun, Moon, Languages, and Backward Compatibility

Today, Nintendo brought a very short (six minute) Nintendo Direct focused on Pokémon. After a great opening, which featured the original Game Boy style graphics, Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO and President of the Pokémon Company, made an appearance to share a new 20th anniversary retrospective video The video ended with an announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon — a brand new adventure for the Nintendo 3DS.

Sun and Moon will release worldwide during holiday 2016 and will feature much wider language options. In fact, the previous seven languages will be broadened to include both traditional and simplified Chinese. This way, even more players can overcome language barriers to play worldwide.

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow are coming to the Nintendo eShop tomorrow. In addition to playing this classic games on your new system, you can now bring those Pokémon into modern games via the Pokémon Bank. Each of the three originals have been updated to use the new digital bank to store and transfer Pokémon.

According to Ishihara, more Pokémon information is coming later, which will help to celebrate the 20th anniversary, so stay tuned!

Want to watch the entire Direct? Here you go!

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