REVIEW – Skunk Bundle (Wii U)

Have you ever wanted to play prototype games? Well here’s your chance with Skunk Bundle! This game consists of five separate games, all of which have amazing titles such as Haunted Hotel, Bomb Blaster, and Catchy. Due to each game being special in its own way; I’ll review them separately. There is a couple recognizable tunes in the game as well. More points to you if you can find them!

Haunted Hotel is an exploration game where the goal is to get to the roof. Frequently the game tries to give you jump scares but falls very flat. It suffers extreme frame-rate drops everywhere. The controls feel awkward and out-of-place. It’s not very well optimized, and it makes me motion sick every time I play it. I don’t recommend this game to anyone.

Snake Classic is simply a version of the classic Snake. It’s easily the best game in the collection. You just use the D-Pad to move your snake while collecting the pluses to make your snake grows! I mean, I can’t get any more excited over this game. It reminds me of a port of Snake on a TI-83 calculator, aesthetically speaking. Considering the entire bundle, I recommend this game.

Catchy is your basic 3D puzzle adventure game that gets more difficult the further you advance in levels. The game is pretty simple: Collect the Ankh and get to the end of the level. The game is very simple looking, but the controls are a bit tanky and the jumps are slow. You can’t cancel your action halfway through either. I wouldn’t recommend you play this game right away.

Bomb Blaster is an Angry Birds clone in its simplest form that uses the Wii U gamepad. You place the bombs in strategic locations and attempt to knock down the tower. The game is very reminiscent of a mobile game, so don’t go in expecting too much. It’s just mindless fun. It’s hardly the worst game here, so I’d recommend this game in the bundle if you’re interested in Angry Birds clones.

Zombie Epic is your typical top-down zombie survival game. It’s total cheese at its finest and uses many jokes that make no sense in the situation. It has a very short story, which isn’t even close to being good. The gameplay is like a twin-stick shooter, but it uses a shoulder button to shoot. The game’s graphics aren’t that great, either, and it makes me feel as motion-sick as Haunted Hotel did. I don’t recommend this game.

Overall, only two out of five of the games are okay to play. I wouldn’t recommend picking this bundle up on the eShop for its $24.99 price, but you can get it free right now! It is basically several small games that feel more unfinished than anything. Wait and see what happens with this developer, though. They might have some better titles in the future!