Are you ready for another RPG, but tired of the old cookie cutter experience? Welcome to tERRORbane, where you, as the player, will help THE Developer fix his game. There are plenty of bugs/glitches that once discovered you can exploit to your advantage. I’m happy to say that my time with the game was glitch free.

You start the adventure just like any other until you stumble upon a glitch in the game. It’s at this moment the game takes a hilarious & insane turn into an uncharted adventure. THE Developer challenges you to complete the game while finding all the glitches. The beginning does present itself as any other RPG adventure, but as you progress the story, it becomes a sort of puzzle adventure.

For a game that transitions into many different game types seamlessly, the controls remain simple. Starting out as your standard RPG, exploring towns, a few battles, and then THE Developer throws you into a text adventure where you’ll know exactly how to control the game. Figuring out how to progress the story through exploiting the glitches is where the puzzle adventure aspect will shine. Once you start to fill out the Bug List for THE Developer you’ll notice that you have started playing this game a little differently than when you started, as you become a hunter of these glitches and there are plenty to find. There are so many that this game has a lot of branches to get to the end of your journey. Afterward, you can jump right back in to find the rest of the glitches so you can complete those Bug Lists. This is recommended to unlock the true ending which is a chapter all on its own.

These look familiar.

So in conclusion, tERRORbane is unlike any RPG you have ever played. Its quirky, insane, and hilarious story will have you in its grasp till the very end. I highly recommend this game, its a load of fun and laughs from beginning to the end. Also, along the way you might notice some references or Easter eggs thrown in from other famous and infamous games. BitNine studios has done a fantastic job and the hard work that went into this project really shows with the end product. Plus, never forget that Paper will always beat Rock.

+ The story is hilarious
+ Lots of replay
+ A very different RPG experience

– A bit short
– Could there be a sequel?

Game Title: tERRORbane
Platform: Nintendo Switch & PC
ESRB Rating: E for everyone
MSRP: $15.99
Release Date: April 1st (no that is not a joke)

Obtained: Code provided by developer/publisher for press purposes