REVIEW – Toki Tori 3D (3DS)

Once there was this little yellow bird named Toki Tori, who went on a journey to collect his lost eggs. The only problem is that this bird cannot jump or fly, and he has a ton of obstacles and enemies to avoid while collecting these eggs. Fortunately, he has some items, blocks, weapons, and more that will help him trek through this fantastic Nintendo 3DS game.

Toki Tori 3D brings the original Game Boy Color game to the third dimension. In fact, if you have played the GBC title or subsequent versions on WiiWare or PC, for example, then you have basically played this game already. The main difference is the second screen and the 3D effects. Everything else is the same. That is not to say this is something you should avoid, though.


For those unfamiliar with the Toki Tori formula, let me take a moment to explain the game. You will traverse through 48 stages over four themed worlds. Each side-scrolling stage has a number of eggs you must collect, but you cannot just walk around and get them. Instead, you must use items and the stage itself to go a specific way. The initial puzzles are rather simple, but the difficulty ramps up as you progress.

One of the features Toki Tori has that sets it apart from most other games is the ability to go back in time. If you find you have locked yourself in a corner, you can rewind time and try again. This is done through the touch screen or using the buttons. Once you rewind to the time you want, just hit the A button and start over from that point. This means there are no lives in Toki Tori. If you die, just rewind time or restart the entire stage from the beginning.


Each stage, once you figured out the puzzle, will take between one and two minutes to complete. Before you figure it out, though, you could probably spend upwards to 10 or more minutes on some stages. After you finish all 48 stages, you can go back and complete the hard ones and the bonus ones. Unfortunately, after you have beat everything, there is not much of a reason to go back. The game does not track your time nor are there any secret items you must collect along the way.

The controls are incredibly simple. You will move Toki Tori with the control pad or circle pad. Cycling through items is as easy as using the L or R button or just tapping it on the touch screen. Once you choose an item, you can use it by pressing the A button. While this game has been ported to mobile phones, I am grateful they stuck to button inputs for this version, as they make for a better experience. The touch screen can be used, but it is always an option.

For those who have played previous versions, you are going to notice very small differences in the stage design. By far, the biggest difference is the third dimension. It is not something that is needed, as you can easily play the game in 2D, but it does add depth (go figure) to each stage. Each one now feels like it is a part of a bigger world. In fact, I preferred to play the game in 3D, which does not happen very often.


The music and sound effects are quite catchy, too. Each song fits its stage well, and even though there are not many songs in the game, they never got on my nerves. Instead, I found myself humming them to myself later in the day. Really, I was not expecting much for an inexpensive 3DS eShop title, but Toki Tori 3D actually surprised me. Granted, there is nothing new from previous versions, though, so do not expect new or remixed tunes. That would have been cool, but remember this game is just a couple dollars.

Toki Tori 3D has not changed much from its previous versions, but what you do get is a fantastic puzzle adventure that will keep you both entertained and challenged for quite a while. Even if you beat each stage in two minutes, you’ll have at least two hours worth of puzzle solving on your hands. Let me put it this way: There are not many games that will give you a challenge, provide entertainment, and create a beautiful 3D world for just under two dollars. Do yourself a favor and download Toki Tori 3D today.