ScrewAttack Releases First Book to Celebrate N64


Many video game fans are familiar with ScrewAttack, a gaming website focused on mostly video content, started in 2006 by Craig Skistimas and Tom Hanley. The website’s name is a nod to Metroid, of course, but the team has always shown a fondness for all classic Nintendo games and consoles. One of their early shows entitled Video Game Vault was one of my favorites. In it, they took a look at old video games, gave them a brief review, and shared why they believed they should be remembered well in their “vault.”

Since those early days of ScrewAttack, the team has went on to produce numerous shows, start their own gaming convention, and even some video games. Their most recent venture, however, goes back to their own vault. Skistimas and his team have written their first book. Entitled ScrewAttack’s Video Game Vault: The N64 Games They Love…And Love to Hate, this book explains why they think Nintendo’s N64 was such a great video game system. They talk about some of their most cherished N64 games and share many personal stories of their time with the console.

It’s obvious they are big fans of the N64. Skistimas says, “If you were to add up all the time we spend with consoles at ScrewAttack over the years, I would guess that we’ve easily spent more time with the N64 than any other video game console. There’s just so much good to play on it and that’s exactly why we wanted to celebrate it with this book.”

Among the games discussed in the book, they talk about Pokémon Snap, which they view as one of the influences of the recent Pokémon GO mobile game.

The book launched on June 28, 2016, to coincide with the upcoming 20th anniversary of the N64, so if you are interested, get it today.

We will be getting some copies to discuss in an upcoming podcast, where we hope to also interview Skistimas, so stay tuned for that!