[SPOILERS] Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Datamined! New Pokémon Incoming!

It seems like Game Freak forgot to scrub the Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo of extra data, because it seems like we have the entirety of the Pokédex on hand now. That means we know the final forms of the starters, even more Alolan forms of classic Pokémon, new never-before-seen Pokémon, and more! If you want to experience some of this stuff for yourself when the games release, you might want to turn away (but we know you won’t – it’s just too exciting!)

Remember when we were nearly 100% positive that the evolutions of the starters confirmed a leak from earlier this year? We were right.

Love them or hate them, these are the final evolutions of Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten. I usually gravitate towards Water starters, but Rowlet’s evolutionary tree is just too great to resist. Popplio is an easy second, though – just look at how fabulous it becomes.

We also have some new Alolan forms of first-generation Pokémon:

The Geodude tree gave me quite a chuckle; I love the facial hair-like protrusions and can’t wait to find out what types they are. Alolan Persian? Not as big of a fan, for some pretty obvious reasons.

Game Freak revealed Ultra Beasts to be mysterious creatures that don’t appear to be Pokémon, but can still be battled. A few of them even look like previously-revealed NPCs… interesting. Four more of them were mined from the Demo, bringing the total up to 8:

Even more information can be found in these YouTube videos from user Kaphotics, who posts a ton of Pokémon-related content: