Super Mario Moleskine Notebooks and Backpack Now Available

Nintendo and Moleskine just announced a partnership to bring a limited edition series of notebooks based on Super Mario. Two of them will even be pocket-sized, replicating an NES cartridge and a Game Boy. The two larger ones will feature iconic screenshots from Super Mario Bros.. They also have a cool roll-top backpack with a subtle nod to Nintendo’s beloved mascot.

Check out the full press release and video below. And if you end up getting a notebook or backpack, be sure to share an image of it with us on social media, and we’ll re-share our favorites!

Mario has delighted generations of fans for decades by embodying the spirit of a true hero who never gives up. Moleskine celebrates this iconic character with a new Limited Edition series of notebooks. The vibrant and colorful world of Super Mario has also been captured on paper in a whimsical video using hand-crafted drawings and stop-motion animation where pixels transform into a Mario made up of Moleskine notebooks. It’s a newstalgic mixture of contemporary technology and timeless paper.

It is somewhat fitting that Moleskine and Mario’s paths have crossed. Notebooks are where ideas are born, and Mario was born of an idea. Classic and simple story telling gave birth to one of the most successful and beloved characters in the history of video games. Mario continues to be one of the most popular characters despite the plethora of characters who have been introduced since he first came on the scene.

The collection is a nod to the original Super Mario Bros.™ video game. Two pocket-sized notebooks reproduce the physical elements of the game: the cartridge which showcases a replica of the original label and the nostalgic and instantly recognizable Game Boy™ with its simple and easy to use buttons and original imagery. The two larger notebooks capture the screens of the early gameplay: one with a sky-blue background and the other with a black background featuring controller details (the highlighted buttons are those that make Mario jump).

With lined pages, a ribbon bookmark and the signature silhouette with rounded corners, the Super Mario Limited Edition notebooks serve as gifts to others and to oneself, to fill with stories and ideas, inspired notions and silly thoughts, for Mario aficionados the world over.

To get your own, head to Moleskine’s website or Amazon today. Remember they are limited editions, so act fast!