Twitch Plays Pokémon… Again!

Back on February 12, 2014, Twitch started a collaborative effort to beat Pokémon Red. On March 1, they completed the game. Last year, they tried it again. This time, the goal was to collect all 151 Pokémon, which they did in 39 days. Many famous Twitch stars were involved and anyone who wants to boost their own Twitch following can go to to get more followers.

This year, on February 14, in honor of the second anniversary, the challenge is back. In its third run, the goal is to beat and complete a full 251 Pokémon Pokédex in a custom build of Pokémon Crystal. You can watch the stream below or head to their page for more info, to subscribe, and to participate in the game.

This Sunday the second anniversary run of the Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon begins!

The first TPP run of 2016 features the debut of a custom Pokémon Crystal version, including starting in Kanto and an upgraded AI designed to win!

This time around, we’re going for a Pokedex completion run, meaning all 251 Pokémon available in this generation will have their Pokedex details filled out before the run is over.

Don’t miss the longest and most difficult Twitch Plays Pokémon run yet!

• WHERE: TwitchPlaysPokemon
• WHEN: Sunday, February 14th, starting at 1pm PT

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