Wii Shop In Its Final Year

The Wii Shop for many people was the first experience someone had to an online store. Its iconic intro followed by its pleasant upbeat music kept the shopping experience alive and in motion. Nintendo announced previously that the Wii Shop is slated to close January 30th, 2019. Today was the first of the major updates to the Wii Shop. Now you are unable to add points to your Wii Shop account via points card or credit card.

As someone who came in to the Wii pretty late in to its life cycle, I found it pretty overwhelming. One of the largest, legal ways to purchase classics and classic import titles without the hassle of duties and shipping fees. NES, SNES, N64, Turbografx 16, Neo Geo, arcade, Sega Master System and Sega Genesis all together under one roof. What more could a gamer ever ask for? Sadly its coming to an end and hopefully publishers pick up that we want more of this in the future.

What were some of your memorable Wii Shop moments through the years? Just a reminder, if you have any points you can spend them right up til the official close date. You can also physically back up your SD cards on to your computer if you are afraid of losing access to your data. As someone who did play a lot of music games on Wii, this is something I will be doing.