Wii Street U Shutting Down March 31

A few years ago, Google introduced an app to the Wii U with Wii Street U, which allowed you to pick any location on the globe, then access the street view so you could tour the world.  Well after being available for a few years, the time has come for it to be shut off.  We received an official announcement that those that had downloaded the app will no longer be able to use it after March 31, 2016.  It will be removed from the eShop as well.

If you want to see what it was about, I would recommend getting it soon and browsing the world.  Just keep in mind that you basically have a month to use it before it’s gone for good.  It was originally free to anyone with the Wii U console, and then it was offered for a price.  When my console was stolen, I had lost my free download of this software.  So I did not wish to repurchase it as I had hardly used it.  Farewell Wii Street U, I know I will not be missing it.