Astral Chain IP Now Fully Owned by Nintendo

In a previous interview, Platinum Games indicated that they co-owned Astral Chain with the publisher of the game, Nintendo. That is no longer the case.

In the current year, it began with fans noticing that the Astral Chain website no longer had Platinum Games listed in its copyright information. We finally have an answer.

In an interview with Video Games Chronicles, studio head Atsushi Inaba was asked about it and answered, “it’s as it looks.” He also went on to say, “It’s as it is written on the website: Astral Chain is their IP and as such there are limitations on how much we feel we should talk about.” The “their” Inaba is referring to is undoubtedly Nintendo who not only published the game, but has publishing rights to it.

Despite being exclusive to one platform, the 2019 sci-fi, action game was able to sell over a million copies. Last year, Platinum even celebrated the game’s first anniversary and even teased a sequel.

If Nintendo decided to fully own the IP, here’s hoping for a sequel.