Gradius III and More Announced for Arcade Archives

During Tokyo Game Show Online 2020, Hamster announced more games for their Arcade Archives line on the eshop via various streams. Among the 18 games announced, Gradius III will be arriving on Switch and marks the first time Nintendo fans will experience the true arcade version on a console. There will also be VS. Tennis and VS. Soccer, which are part of Nintendo’s arcade archives.

These are the games to expect:

64th Street: A Detective Story
Ben Bero Beh
Cosmo Police Galivan
The Fairyland Story
Gradius III
Green Beret (Rush’n Attack)
Kuri Kinton
Liquid Kids
Nova 2001
Pettan Pyuu
Rabio Lepus
Rod Land
Thunder Dragon
VS. Soccer
VS. Tennis

No release dates were given, but Arcade Archives are likely to be released weekly, every Thursday for $7.99 as usual. Once these 18 games release, Hamster will have published close to 240 Arcade Archives on the eshop; twenty of those releases will be from Nintendo’s arcade legacy.