Introducing Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch

You may remember earlier this week a somewhat weird video that Nintendo posted showing off some interesting peripheral trailer, well today Nintendo has shown us their new, health-based, game and peripheral for the Nintendo Switch: Ring Fit Adventure.

So what is Ring Fit Adventure?

Using the Ring-Con, a force hoop attachment for the Joy-Con, allows you to track force and movement of the ring to play with a game we will talk about in a bit. There is also the Leg Strap, which will track body movement.

Both of these new peripherals will coincide with a new adventure game, where you perform various physical activities in order to traverse and battle enemies around you. You will be doing various exercises such as jogging in place, yoga poses, arm presses and much more in order to complete the tasks at hand.

Along with that you will be able to play various mini-games or sets in order to work out specific areas of your body. Don’t worry if you aren’t the most active gamer as the game allows you to adjust the activities to fit your needs and you can progressively increase them as you play along. There even is a silent mode so you don’t make too much noise jogging in the game. Another addition to this game is the use of the Joy-Cons IR Blaster to get a rough estimate of your heart rate, which is always a great way to track your progress and vitals.

All in all this seems to be a fantastic addition to the Nintendo’s plethora of interesting game ideas, especially when it comes to ones physical health and well-being. While I wasn’t much for the Wii Fit craze, I am definitely considering to get this and maybe play with some friends and family. Who knows, maybe it will hold true to Nintendo’s plan and become a daily routine. Ring Fit Adventure is available on October 18, 2019 for $79.99.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below and if you are going to get Ring Fit Adventure.